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        Gas &liquid chromatography

        price: Negotiable
        Total supply:
        Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers deliver within days
        seat: Beijing
        Validity to: Long-term effective
        Last update: 2017-10-16 10:23
        Browse the number: 47
        Company Profile
        Product details
        Scope of application
        Determination of water (drink) volatile organic compounds, blood alcohol content detection, detection of indoor air pollutants (TVOC), liquor flavor component analysis, transformer oil analysis, testing, high purity gas analysis of residual solvents in pharmaceuticals, medical devices residues Determination of ethylene oxide.
        The main use of the chromatograph unit: liquor factory, other wineries, petrochemical, gas liquefaction plant, the coal industry, environmental testing, inspection station, Forensic Center, the public security system, food plants, quality inspection departments, water plants, pharmaceutical plants, detection of pesticide plants, gas plants, chemical plants, packaging plants, paint factory, honey factory, chemical engineering colleges and other trace ingredients are needed to gas chromatography, liquid chromatography
        Function characteristics
        1, the instrument uses Internet communication technologies can be easily composed LAN; internet to achieve remote data transmission, remote control, remote diagnostics, the program can be automatically upgraded.
        2, all computerized key operation, 5.7-inch large-screen LCD Chinese display 13 lines, man-machine dialogue, easy to operate.
        3, a new integrated digital electronic circuits, high control accuracy, reliable performance, temperature control accuracy of 0.1.
        4, the unique design solution inlet injector discrimination; double column temperature compensation function is not only to solve the program brought baseline drift, but minus the influence of background noise, you can get a lower minimum detection limits. Big Oven Volume: 300 * 280 * 180 can accommodate two 80m capillary column.
        5, better insulation: oven, vaporization, were detected 300 degrees, the hottest spot outside the box and cover only 40 degrees, improve test speed, security of human safety.
        6, the unique design of the vaporization chamber, dead smaller; replacement parts: septum, liner, polarization pole, collector, nozzles can replace with one hand; main replacement: packed columns, capillary injector, TCD , FID detector requires only a wrench can be completely disassembled, maintenance is very convenient.
        7, smart back door and out of the system infinitely variable air volume, shortening the procedure liters / cooling system is stable after equilibration time.
        8, which can install two injection system: packed columns, capillary split / splitless injection system (with membrane cleaning function); may also install two identical or different detectors: a FID, TCD, ECD, FPD detection devices. Optional automatic / manual six-way injection valve gas injector, headspace sampler, thermal desorption injector, injector cracking furnace, methane reformer.
        9, the boot has a powerful sound self-diagnostic function, visual display fault information, power storage protection, keyboard lock and power with anti-interference function mutation.
        Technical parameters
        1.temperature range: room temperature ~ 450 ℃, increment 1 ℃, accuracy ± 0.1 ℃
        2.temperature program: 16-step heating rate of 0.1 ~ 80 ℃ / min
        3.communication interfaces: Ethernet, IEEE802.3
        4.the host size: 510 * 500 * 540 (mm)
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