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        Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose CAS NO. 9004-65-3 (HPMC) in Tablets

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        Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose CAS NO. 9004-65-3 (HPMC) in tablets


        Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is soluble in cold water, but not in hot water. It slowly swells and dissolves in hot water to form a viscous colloidal solution, which is cooled to a solution and becomes a gel when heated. HPMC is insoluble in ethanol, chloroform and ether, and soluble in a mixed solvent of methanol and methyl chloride, but it is also soluble in a mixed solvent of acetone, methyl chloride and isopropanol, and some other organic solvents. Its aqueous solution is salt-tolerant (colloid solution will not be destroyed by salt), and the pH of 1% aqueous solution is 6-8. VAMECLL?HPMC has excellent cold water solubility. It can be dissolved in a transparent solution with a little stirring in cold water, but it is basically insoluble in hot water above 60oC and can only swell. It is a non-ionic cellulose ether. The solution has no ionic charge and will not interact with metal salts or ionic organic compounds. During the preparation process, it will not react with other raw materials and auxiliary materials; it has strong resistance to allergy, and as the degree of substitution in the molecular structure increases, its resistance is more sensitive and stable. It is also metabolically inert and is not metabolized or absorbed as a pharmaceutical excipient, so it does not provide calories in pharmaceutical foods. It has low calorific value, no salt, and does not change anything for diabetic patients. Original medicines and foods have unique applicability; it is relatively stable to acids and alkalis, but if the pH value exceeds 2~11, and it is affected by high temperature or stored for a long time, its viscosity will decrease; its aqueous solution can provide surface activity and display moderate The value of surface tension and interfacial tension; it has effective emulsification in a two-phase system and can be used as an effective stabilizer and protective colloid. Its aqueous solution has excellent film-forming properties and is a good coating material for tablets and pills. The film coating formed by it has the advantages of colorlessness and toughness. Adding glycerin can also improve its plasticity.


        VAMCELL? MPN951(S)

        It's a multi-functional product which could fit common usages in the market.

        It provides high water retention and good adhesion strength.

        VAMCELL? MPN635(S)

        It's a multi-functional product which could fit common usages in the market.

        It provides excellent workability and good open time.

        VAMCELL? MPC265

        Modified grade for C2TE Tile Adhesives.

        It provides excellent anti slip and open time, provides good workability as well.

        VAMCELL? MPM850

        Modified grade for C2TE & Ultra big tiles' adhesive.

        It provides superior anti slip and open time.

        *Viscosity based on Brookfield, 2% sol., 20℃


        VAMCELL? MPE851 + VINNATE? DP-A138

        The most ECONOMIC combination. For wall putty mostly

        VAMCELL? MPN635 + VINNATE? DP-A202

        The most COST-EFFECTIVE combination. For both C1 Tile Adhesive / Wall Putty

        VAMCELL? MPC265 + VINNATE? DP-F310

        ADVANCED combination. For C2T/C2TE Tile Adhesive.

        VAMCELL? MPM850 + VINNATE? DP-F310

        SUPEROIR combination. For C2TE grade, very suitable for big tiles like 800*800.



        - VAMCELL? MPN951

        - VAMCELL? MPM312


        - VINNATE? DP-W002


        - FORCA? Industrial grade


        - 3MM

        - 6MM


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