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        Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone

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        1. Brief information

        Neohesperidin DC ("NHDC" for short, also know as Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone,) is a low-calorie intense sweetener derived from neohesperidin, a flavonone extracted from citrus fruit, with a sweetness of 1500 to 1800 times as that as sucrose. Neohesperidin DC could also be used as bitter taste masking additive (bitterness masking agents) in dietary supplements and feed additives, to reduce bitterness or metal taste or other off-notes of animal feed, or improve taste profiles of certain foods and drinks.

        NHDC could be applied to formulations of candy, chewing gum, yoghurt, beverage, dessert, ice cream, toothpaste, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, in combination with other sweeteners, to obtain synergistic effects.

        At present, neohesperidine DC is receiving renewed interest because of its recent approval both as a sweetener and as a flavor ingredient. Today, there is an increasing trend to explore the use of sweetener blends in foods to (a) produce a sweetness profile closer to that of sucrose, (b) mask aftertaste, (c) improve stability, (d) meet cost restraints, and (e) reduce the daily intake of any particular sweetener. Recent developments have shown that if neohesperidine DC is used at low levels and in combination with other intense or bulk sweeteners, there can be significant technological advantages in terms of sweetness synergy, positive impact on taste quality, and flavor-enhancing and modifying properties.

        Stability studies on Neohesperidine Dihydrochalcone have shown that the product can be stored for more than 3 years at room temperature without any sign of decomposition. It is slightly hygroscopic taking up water in a saturated environment up to a maximum of 15% (unpublished observations).

        2. Specifications

        Product name

        Neohesperidin DC

        CAS No.



        NHDC, Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone




        White or Off-White Crystalline Fine Powder


        0.4g/L(20℃), 653g/L(80℃), in water.


        NHDC ≥ 98% (HPLC)

        Impurity B (Neodiosmin)


        Impurity D(Naringin DC)


        Any Other Impurity


        Total Impurities apart from Impurity B


        Sieve Analysis

        95% through 80 mesh

        Loss on Drying


        Sulphated Ashes


        Solvents Residual

        Comply with current Ph.Eur

        Heavy Metal


        Total Plate Count

        <1000/g Max


        Halal, Kosher

        Non-GMO, Not Irradiated, Non-BSE

        3. Applications

        Juice, milk and derivatives, water based flavoured drinks, alcoholic drinks (beer, etc.).

        Desserts and related products:
        Chocolate based products, dry fruits, spreads, marmalades, jams, jelly, yoghourt, sweets, chewing-gum, cider, ice-cream, fruit preserves, sauces, bakery, low calorie food.

        Savory products:
        Paté, sauces and condiments, seasonings, mayonnaise, soups, fish and meat preserves. At very low levels (1-5 ppm) it enhances the food flavour profile.

        Tooth-paste, mouth-wash.

        Pharmaceutical products:
        As bitter taste masking sweetener or bitterness masking agents, NHDC attenuates bitter taste in drug formulations.

        As bitter taste masking sweetener or bitterness masking agents, improve feed taste and therefore increase daily feed intake with reduced feeding time.

        4. Regulatory

        Neohesperidin DC has been permitted usage in variety of industrial fields according to laws or directs listed below:

        ● Enlisted as food flavoring substance in China GB2760-2014 (# S0269);

        ● Granted GRAS by FEMA (3811);

        ● Included in EU list of food flavoring agent (# E959);

        ● Included in "European Pharmacopoeia" (EP-8) ;

        ● Approved as "flavoring substance" by Australian National Food Administration;;

        ● Listed in the USA Pharmacopoeia Commission US-FCC8;

        ● Listed in catalog of the varieties of feed additives by China Ministry of Agriculture Notice No. 2045, As the sweet substance(2013).

        5. Package and handling

        Bulk package (25kg): Paper drum with double inner food-grade pe bag.

        Small package (1kg): Aluminum foil bag with inner food-grade pe bag (or as required).

        The product Neohesperidin DC should be stored in a suitable sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place, avoiding strong direct heat and light.

        Storage conditions should preferably be a sheltered environment with limited temperature variations and low humidity levels. Touch the package with water or any other liquid directly will cause the product to cake, should not be stacked in pallets. Under normal conditions, the use of this product does not cause any undue health hazard. Precautions must be taken to prevent solid or liquid product to contact with skin or eyes.


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