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        Body Temperature Measurement with Mask Recognition

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        Last update: 2021-04-05 07:50
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        Company Profile
        Product details

        Support Wall-Mounted, Desktop Stand and Floor Stand types of installation.

        High Performance Hardware Platform

        Wearing a mask also can be accurately measured temperature

        TY-07A is a face detection and temperature measurement product that integrates facial contrast recognition heating imaging contactless temperature measurement module. When the passenger conducts face recognition, the human body surface temperature can be measured by thermal imaging.The whole face recognition measurement process is non-contact experience, and is accurate, reliable, efficient and perception-free.If the temperature of the detected person exceeds a certain threshold, the signal light of the terminal will send out an abnormal warning and carry out a voice warning.

        Product design to follow the economic and practical, the design thought of security and stability, and provide a complete set of high quality, for wisdom through advanced facial recognition of infrared temperature testing management system, the system design using the mature technology, stable performance, simple fashion attendance temperature testing equipment stable and efficient attendance management, which can meet the needs of the current attendance and traffic management, and to screen out the abnormal body temperature.


        ●Face recognition: using the international leading face recognition algorithm technology for face detection;

        ●Temperature detection: using infra-red thermal imaging technology for temperature detection;

        ●High temperature alarm: the equipment will raise the alarm automatically with the detection of body temperature higher than 37.3℃, which is conducive to the control of the key personnel in the epidemic management;

        ●Supports to swipe ID card: optional built-in second-generation ID card verification module can be used to perform personnel identification and body temperature detection;

        ●Supports strong light: can be used in outdoor strong light, shadow, back-light, and other harsh illumination environment;

        ●The adoption of RK3288: The powerful CPU enables stable operation of the equipment in the actual scene;

        ●The use of binocular cameras: The camera supports live detection, reduces the impact of facial expressions and the risk of photo fraud during the day and night.

        ●Supports add-on function development: The open interface helps our partners to quickly upgrade industry applications;

        ●Supports 485 signal / switch signal / Wiegand interface signal output, and can transmit data with different access control equipment and gate equipment.

        ●Supports personalized customization

        ●Supports cloud and local identification

        ●Supports storage of more than 10000 faces

        ●It can be used in schools, communities, airports, hotels, hospitals and other public places where people are gathering.

        Technical Specification

        Technical specification of Taiyun TY-07A Face Recognition and Face Temperature Integrated Detector Android Version



        Face recognition part

        System configuration

        Operating System

        Android 5.1


        RK3288, 4 cores





        Touch Panel

        7 inches, resolution 600 * 1024


        Supports binocular camera: IR + RGB structurally compatible with monocular camera

        RGB 2 million pixels, supports Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Range 115dB, strong light;

        IR 1.3 million pixels, supports Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Range 82dB, strong light;

        Fill-in light


        White light, fill-in light source for RGB camera, control interface provided in SDK

        NIR LED

        850nm infra-red LED light, IR camera fill-in light source, synchronous switch with IR camera. When the IR camera is turned on, the LED can be controlled through the interface. When the IR camera is turned off, the LED is always off and cannot be controlled.


        Ethernet port

        10M/100M adaptive

        USB interface

        1. 1 micro USB, debugging interface, USB peripherals such as USB disk and USB mouse can be connected through OTG line expansion.

        2. 1 standard USB interface can be used to connect USB peripherals.

        Output relay

        Two relay outputs include common terminal, normally closed terminal and normally open terminal. API interface call method provided in SDK.

        RS485 interface

        Bus type RS485 interface,industrial connector output interface, API interface call method provided in SDK.

        Wiegand interface:

        It supports input and output mode, half duplex communication mode, Wiegand interface in 26 bit and 34 bit formats. API interface call method is provided in SDK.

        Door magnetic signal interface

        The door magnetic signal input interface detects the status of the current door lock. API interface call method is provided in SDK.

        Key input interface

        Physical key opening control interface, API interface call method is provided in SDK.

        Card reader

        IC card reader

        IC card reader, frequency 13.56MHz; NFC (ISO 144443a, 144443b ,control interface is provided in SDK.

        Second generation ID card reader


        The speaker and the microphone

        The speaker

        Single channel, 4 Ω / 3W HD voice output

        The Microphone



        Size (mm)


        Operation environment

        Operation temperature



        Waterproof IP66

        Ambient humidity

        10 ~ 90% (non-condensing)

        Power Supply

        Power Supply


        The power adapter

        Input AC 220V output DC 12V 2A

        Function key

        Reset key

        Reset button, system reset and restart

        Temperature detection part



        Field angle


        Temperature detection distance


        Thermometric error


        Software function

        Face recognition

        Face database


        Live detection



        ID card reader

        It supports the verification of the second generation ID card. Control interface is provided in SDK.

        Gate hanger

        Support optional

        Floor hanger

        Support optional

        Wall hanger

        Support optional


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