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        Xanthan Gum Powder

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        Last update: 2021-04-10 00:42
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        Xanthan gum E415?is high molecular weight natural biopolymer derived from the bacterium?Xanthomonascampestris by aerobic submerged pure-culture fermentation.?Our xanthan gum pure powder?“Biohydro”?is manufactured in modern plants utilizing the advanced fermentation, separation and drying technology,?the?superior performance of xanthan gum stabilizer?are widely awarded recognition and trust all over the world.


        1.Pseudo?plasticity and yield value

        Xanthan gum solution has strong shear resistance and pseudo?plastic fluid. At low shear or static state, Emulsifier Xanthan Gum?has a strong resistance to solution flow due to its high viscosity. However, the viscosity decreases with the increase of shear stress.

        2. Good water soluble

        Xanthan gum?can disperse quickly in cold water, no need of heating, easy operating.

        3. High viscosity with low concentration

        4. PH stability

        Xanthan gum?solution is stable under acid and alkali condition.

        5. Salt tolerance

        Xanthan gum?solution is stable blending with salt solution.

        Main Application:

        xanthan gum uses?in food?Industry, xanthan gum food additive, as a unique stabilizer for a wide range of food formulations, is your good helper to improve food’s mouth feel, texture, and stability, without affecting the nutrition, flavor, shelf-life and appearance.

        Sauces and Dressings

        Xanthan gum ingredients are used to stabilize?the emulsion. xanthan gum stabilizer,?by increasing the viscosity of the external phase, it slows down the motion of the droplets contained in the emulsion.



        Bakery / Fruit preparations

        Baked food need water and air control to prevent lumpy batters, uneven mixing or collapse in the oven. In cakes, xanthan gum promotes rapid hydration, moisture?retention and improves texture an volume. In baking food and refrigerated dough, it increases moisture retention and inhibits retro gradation thus extending shelf-life



        Beverage/Dairy products

        Xanthan gum is used to improve mouth feel or viscosity (especially in sugar or low sugar pulp beverages) and/or to stabilize?insoluble components (fruit pulp and particles, essential oil).



        25kg/carton or bag?lined with a polyethylene bag, shrinkwrapped on pallets?or xanthan gum in bulk. Customer’s?request?is?also?available.?


        Storage and Shelf Life:

        Keep original packaging sealed, in water-proof,?clean and dry conditions.?Stay away from heat and moisture.

        2?years after production stored as above requested.

        More detailed specs.?& information is?available upon request. We dedicated ourselves?to meet your?demand within 24hours!


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