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        Pile Integrity Tester

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        Last update: 2020-11-23 04:26
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        Low strain Pile Integrity Tester by reflected wave method

        Applicable standards

        Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations ASTM D5882-07

        Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation Pile JGJ 106-2014

        Dynamic Testing Technology Regulations on Highway Engineering Foundation Pile JTG/T F81-01-2004?

        Nondestructive Detection Code for Railway Engineering Foundation Pile TB 10218-2008

        Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation JGJ 340-2015?

        Filtering Processing

        If there is much interference in the signal curve, the filtering processing method can be adopted; in “a-ε”, “F-ε” and other tab interfaces, click the left mouse button to select a curve and enable the channel background to change to light blue, which means that this curve is considered as the signal curve to be processed. And then conduct adjustment and processing for the curve until satisfaction through the filtering, zeroing, rotation zeroing and other functions in the menu or toolbar.

        If the signal curve is good, this operation step can be omitted.

        Technical Features

        1. Original instantaneous floating point amplification technology can take into account the distortionless acquisition of strong and weak signals;

        2. Removable lithium battery is provided, desktop charger is supported and spare battery can be provided to ensure that the field work will not be interrupted;

        3. Bilingual operation in both Chinese and English is supported;

        4. Service life is ≥10h, desktop charger is supported and spare battery can be provided to ensure that the field work will not be interrupted.

        5. Compatible with the distortionless acquisition of strong and weak signals.

        6. The three-dimensional correction function for shallow defect is owned and the defect can be located accurately.

        7. Filtering, index amplification, defect locating and other analysis functions can be conducted in the field.

        8. Piezoelectric sensor and speed sensor are compatible.

        Pile Integrity Tester Software Feature

        1. Average superposition analysis of multi-channel collected signal is supported;

        2. Amplification, translation, rotation, filtering, index amplification and other processing can be carried out for wave signals;

        3. Bilingual operation both in Chinese and English is supported and the output format meets a variety of international codes;

        4. Vector diagram output, print output, Word file output and other output modes are supported;

        5. The frequency domain analysis function is owned to calculate the whole pile frequency and defect frequency conveniently and quickly.

        Sampling interface Analysis interface

        High-pass filter, low-pass filter

        The objective of high-pass filtering and low-pass filtering is to analyze and further process the acquired signals.? After analyzed and further processed, the acquired waveforms should be smooth and less interfered, so that reflected waves of defects and the bottom of the pile can be clearly distinguished.?

        Click on the "high-pass filter” and “low-pass filter” respectively to enter their input dialogue boxes (Figure 7).? The input dialogue boxes are slightly different but similar.? Click on "OK" after inputting, then the acquired signal waveform will be processed base on the selected value, and the processed signal waveform will be displayed in the waveform display area.? Otherwise click on "Cancel" to give up such processing and keep the original signal waveform in the waveform display area.? Input range: 1—10000.??


        The objective of adjusting the exponential amplification is to preprocess the acquired signals.? After preprocessed, signal of the bottom of the pile can be clearly shown, without any clipping of the signal of the top of the pile.??

        Note: Sometimes the exponent is amplified so much that the waveform is distorted, thus the defects of the deep pile will be exaggerated.??

        Click on "E +" to exponentially amplify the signal waveform in the waveform display area step by step.? The amplified value is shown behind “"X" icon in the schematic diagram are of the pile, wherein such schematic diagram area of the pile locates below the signal waveform.? Click on "E-" to exponentially compress the signal waveform in the waveform display area step by step.? The final compressed value is also shown behind "X" icon in the schematic diagram are of the pile.?

        When the analysis process is done, click on "exit" in the lower left corner of the analysis screen to return to the data acquisition screen and prepare for the next signal acquisition.

        Company Profile

        Wuhan Sinorock Technology Co.,Ltd

        Wuhan Sinorock Technology Co., Ltd. established on August 8, 2008, is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise directly under the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was built based on the former Department of Intelligent Instrument of the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has developed the brand RSM for over three decades. The company integrates product innovation and market development and focuses on the research, product development, production and promotion and application of geotechnical engineering intelligent detection methods, supporting instruments and remote expert systems. RSM has become a leading brand of geotechnical engineering testing instruments at home and abroad.

        Marketing & services

        We have been providing professional products and services for our customers for more than 30 years.

        We pay attention to every link of the product, including R&D, procurement, production, quality and maintenance.

        Our sales volume has increased sharply year by year, the number of domestic customers has reached more than 18,000, and the domestic market share is more than 50%.

        RSM series products are exported to overseas markets.

        Our products rank first in the domestic market and have been exported to many countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia,Iraq,India and other countries.

        Quality Inspection

        Sinorock has passed ISO certification and SGS certification. We have strict product quality inspection process, established quality department and quality group, from raw material testing, semi-finished product testing, finished product testing, and outbound inspection to ensure product quality.


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