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        Contactless Thermometer Gun

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        seat: Beijing
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        Last update: 2020-08-31 06:58
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        Company Profile
        Product details

        Product Introduction

        The contactless thermometer gun identify the surface temperature of an object by measuring the energy level of the infrared rays emitted from the object without physically coming in contact with it.

        Product Specification and product pic

        Measurement method


        Measurement mode


        Measurement range

        32.0 ℃~ 42.5℃(89.6℉ ~108.5℉ )

        Measurement duration


        Maximum permissible error

        Temperature display range

        Maximum permissible error

        32.0 ℃~ 34.9℃(89.6℉ ~94.8℉ )


        35.0 ℃~ 39.0℃(95.0℉ ~102.2℉ )


        39.1 ℃~ 42.5℃(102.4℉ ~108.5℉ )




        Operating conditions

        16℃ ~ 35℃/60.8℉ ~95℉
        RH < 80% (non-condensing)

        Transprotation and storage conditions

        -20℃ ~ 55℃/-5℉ ~131℉
        RH <93%

        Power supply

        DC 3.0V (2AAA Batteries)

        Battery level indication

        "Low Voltage"alarm

        Measurement Unit

        ℃ or ℉

        Auto power-off

        Auto power-off upon 30s no operation




        104g (battery excluded)

        Measurement Method

        Confirm that the measurement mode in the upper part of the screen is body temperature mode

        Align the thermometer probe with the center of forehead at a distance ofabout 3-5cm and keep it vertical (see the figure below). Press the measurement key. About 1s later, a "beep" sound will be heard, and the measured value will be displayed, indicating completion of the measurement. If the measured value exceeds the temperature alarm point (default: 38℃), a sad face will be displayed; if the temperature is normal, a happy face will be displayed.


        Factory and Certificate


        1. Q: What's the warranty for the purchased items?

        A: Our Warranty policy is one year (12 months).

        2. Q: What certificate do you have?

        A: FDA, CE, RoHS

        3. Q: What Shipping Way is better for us?

        A: Courier express will be the best solution for the small quantity, it is fast and convenient for both of us. And by air would be better for mass production but you need collect them from Airport. Anyway, if need the goods urgently, then we suggest to send the goods by express, it will be door to door service.

        4. Q: Do you accept Customization?

        A: Yes, we have our design team, we provide Logo, Packaging Color Box customization. You can give your Logo or style suggestion, we will design for you or supply customization with your design. OEM or ODM are Welcome.

        Knowledge about Contactless thermometer gun

        How to use the forehead gun accurately

        1. Eliminate interference factors: Factors that can interfere with the instrument include air and water vapor in the measurement environment, sweat or dirt on the forehead of the testee, dust and moisture in the optical system part of the forehead temperature gun, temperature difference between inside and outside, etc. Use a front temperature gun in a windless environment.

        2. When measuring the body temperature with a forehead gun, point the instrument at the center of the forehead of the testee and keep it vertical to avoid clothing or hair blocking. The distance is 3cm-5cm, press the measurement button.

        3. The subject should avoid strenuous exercise, eating, drinking cold water or hot water 20-30 minutes before measuring body temperature, do not apply hot or cold compresses, maintain emotional stability, and do not be nervous.

        4. There is a certain error in the body temperature measurement by the forehead gun, so it is recommended to measure three times at a fixed time and take the average value.

        5. In the case of a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the forehead temperature gun is abnormal, and the measured body temperature does not have a reference value. Therefore, when you enter the room from the outside or turn on the air conditioner in the car, you should measure the part covered by the clothes. Or make the human body and the external environment temperature maintain thermal balance before measuring.


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