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        Outdoor WPC Decking

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        Product details

        This popular outdoor WPC decking is reversible and come with the attractive grooves on one side and a new wood grain embossing on the reverse,reversible surface for one decking board is economical for your budget.

        Waterproof, anti-UV characteristic makes them more suitable for the outdoor usage; anti-scratch and still keep from warp, splinter and crack when time flies.So they are widely used in outdoor applicant includes garden and public area, featuring its embossed surface treatment with natural texture, looks and touches like real wood.


        Product Name

        Outdoor WPC decking

        Model Number



        140x 25?x 3000 mm, length can be customized(2.2-5.8 meters)

        Surface Treatment

        Normal,Sanded, Embossing


        6 Colors include Teak,Brown,Rose Red,Dark Brown,Rust Red and Black.

        Service Life

        8-15 Years


        Widespread and popular;?Competitive price; Durable; Easy for installation;


        swimming pool, garden, balcony, backyard and the other outdoor application


        waterproof , anti-slip, barefoot friendly, fire-retardant, anti-termite, non-toxic, non-chemical, environmentally friendly, durable


        Greenzone 1st?Generation outdoor decking Technical Date Sheet:



        Test Standard

        Test Result


        Coefficient of friction

        EN 13893

        μ= 0.25


        Falling mass impact

        CEN/TS 15534 -1

        Energy Level: 15 J
        Code: (23,15)


        Flexural properties

        EN 310

        Flexural strength: 22.3N/mm2
        Modulus of elasticity: 3021 N/mm2


        Creep factor

        ENV 1156

        kc,300h,SC1, 25%: 0.92
        (300 hours creep factor)


        Xenon artificial weathering

        EN ISO 4892-2

        After 1000 hours exposure
        Gray scale 2-3


        Swelling and water absorption

        EN 317

        Gt (Swelling in thickness): 0.5%
        Water absorption: 2.9 %


        Moisture resistance

        EN 321

        Gt (Swelling in thickness): 0.3 %
        Flexural strength: 19.7 N/mm2, decrease 11.7%
        Modulus of elasticity: 2672 N/mm2, decrease 11.6 %


        Heat reversion

        EN 479

        R (Heat Reversion): 0.11%


        Shore hardness

        ASTM D2240-05



        Apparent Density

        ASTM D1622-08



        Coefficient of linear thermal expansion

        ASTM D696-08

        1.06 x 10-4(1/℃)


        Impact resistance

        ASTM D4495-00(2005)

        Mean failure energy: 35J


        Tensile strength

        ASTM D4761-05

        19.2 MPa


        Flexural strength

        ASTM D6109-05

        25.80 MPa



        IEC 62321:2008


        1. Above results are provided from 3rd party testing laboratory, for reference only.
        2. Above spes are based on the 1st?generation decking board(normal embossing).
        3. The specs of 3D embossing may vary.


        Product Production Process:

        1. Wood power and raw material are placed into the blender and mixed evenly.Pellets are then extruded out at a standard temperature.

        2. According to the formulas,different pellets are placed into blender and mixed evenly.

        3. Profile will be then extruded out through a mold.After cooling down,profiles are solidified,forming the shape as the mold.

        4. Cutting the standard size or according to the customer requirement.

        5. Package&deliver.



        1.Is your decking mould resistant ?

        Our decking has a fungicide added in the formula that helps to reduce the risk of mould growing within the material under normal conditions.

        2.Can I place rugs?on my deck?

        Most area rugs aren't a problem with decking, but we do recommend cleaning underneath them regularly. In rare cases, rugs made of plastic or viscose materials may bleed, drawing colorant out of the decking or making them difficult to remove. Always allow your decking to fully dry before fitting a rug into place.?

        3.Can i build a firepit on my deck?

        Wood or gas fire pits should not be placed on top of decking. However, gas fire pits may be installed beside or between deck boards with a protective wall made of stone or other fire-resistant material used for insulation.?

        4.How does saltwater affect Greenzone products?

        Saltwater climates are an ideal application for Greenzone products because saltwater will have no ill effects. However, we do not recommend submerging boards into saltwater. Please verify that all decking fasteners to be used are applicable to a saltwater environment.

        5.Can it be used indoors?

        Yes. The durability and versatility of WPC decking makes it one of the few outdoor materials that can be used inside. However, there would need to be a solid base for it to sit on, which is harder to achieve indoors than it is outside.


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