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        Audio Diffuser

        brand: E49
        price: Negotiable
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        Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers deliver within days
        seat: Sichuan
        Validity to: Long-term effective
        Last update: 2019-11-18 02:29
        Browse the number: 124
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        Product details

        The diffused sound absorber QRD is composed of a series of checkerboards with different depths, such as algae wells. Each square has different depths and reflects sound waves of different frequencies. The two-dimensional QRD diffuser reflection is an all-dimensional stereoscopic reflection. Manufacturing materials: maple, eucalyptus, pine, birch, high-density board. The diffuser improves the bad shortcomings of the ears and the stiffness when the sound is reflected from the ordinary plane. It can reflect the sound at different angles when the sound enters at different angles, making the sound more beautiful and rounded, thus achieving good results. Sound quality effect Two-dimensional QRD diffuser, according to the groove depth and width calculated by a specific sequence, can produce uniform diffusion reflection under omnidirectional and multi-angle incident sound, and the sound absorption is small.

        First, the diffuse sound absorber product specifications:

        Product specifications: 600X600X100mm

        Diffusion frequency: diffusion frequency: 581hz~2997hz

        Second, diffuse sound absorber application:

        The diffuser is widely used in dance halls, large theaters, gymnasiums, home theaters, lecture halls, museums, studios, recording studios, and audition rooms. Sound waves can diffuse sound waves when they are incident on the diffuser, so some sound absorption effects are required. The places are all equipped with diffusers. In large stadiums, there are generally no ceilings. In this kind of place, only the diffuser can make the whole playing field and the auditorium have a good perspective and hearing, so that the referee. Athlete And the audience can get a good feeling.


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