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        Qrd Diffuser

        brand: E28
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        seat: Sichuan
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        Last update: 2019-12-26 18:04
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        The diffuser mainly diffuses the sound wave reflection to different directions, avoiding the sound field problem of sounding, sound focusing and standing wave, making the sound quality more delicate and precise. It is a necessary weapon for tuning sound and acoustic places.


        The quadratic residue diffuser. The "secondary" here refers to the quadratic, and the remainder refers to the remainder after the natural number divided by the prime number (except for 1 and itself, the number that cannot be divided). The remainder diffuser is a common RPG diffuser for audio fans.

        The second remainder is called Quadratic Residue of Prime Numbers, which is a mathematical sequence model. The German physicist and acoustic expert Manf red R. Schroeder studied that the spread of sound waves is of great help to the listening of the human ear. In 1975, he published a paper on the second remainder diffusion plate, which brought the processing of indoor acoustic space into a new era.

        Since the sound waves are evenly spread, the secondary residual diffuser has a positive effect on the sound quality of the sound. In addition to being used in the ceiling, it is also used on both sides of the wall, the back wall of the speaker, and the back wall of the listening position. The more "diffusion" materials, the more you can feel the scale and breadth of the sense of space in the music venue, the natural and loose high-frequency performance, the details of the music can be greatly increased, it is difficult to find Some of the faint dynamic changes are now as if they are vivid. If it is purely from the design process of the listening room, the use of "diffusion" materials must be as good as possible, and it has extremely rare effects on the improvement and improvement of sound.

        Material: birch board


        Specifications: 600*600*100mm (other specifications can also be customized)


        Diffusion frequency: strictly calculated according to the second remainder acoustic calculation, the frequency range of diffusion is 750hz-6000hz


        If a person listens to music in a rectangular hall with flat side walls, the sound he hears will be crisp, hard or harsh, a phenomenon known as frequency dyeing. The QRD reflector is an irregular planar design designed to produce diffusion in reflections. The early sounds produced are very rich and round, and the reverb sounds seem to come from many directions - from the side, from the top of the head and from the front to the audience. Can significantly improve the sound quality conditions of the hall. The QRD diffuser consists of a series of parallel "algae wells" of fission depth. When the sound waves are incident on a horizontally placed diffuser plate, it can reflect the sound at an equal intensity between 30 and 150 degrees.


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