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        Skyline Diffuser

        brand: E18
        price: Negotiable
        Total supply:
        Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers deliver within days
        seat: Sichuan
        Validity to: Long-term effective
        Last update: 2019-11-20 20:45
        Browse the number: 122
        Company Profile
        Product details

        The solid wood diffuser restores the sense of sound space and enhances the sound quality of the hall. The acoustic characteristics meet the national standards. With the use of acoustic sound-absorbing panels, the ambient sound quality, clarity and three-dimensionality can be limited.

        The material is made of birch, and the simple principle of diffusion is hardness + density + scientific groove design, which has amazing diffusion effect. The traditional wood is soft and fragile, not only does not spread, but also sounds so that the sound field is blurred.

        Using the QRD principle, it consists of a series of parallel algae wells with varying depths. When the sound waves are incident from 135° to the horizontally placed QRD, it can reflect the sound at an equal intensity between 30° and 150°. Through the built-in cavity unequal structure, the medium and high frequency bands can be accurately diffused, the sound is focused, the sound standing wave is reduced, and a more uniform sound quality effect is obtained.

        Unique acoustic structure performance, diffused body audio and video necessary, but not everyone's use, when people are accustomed to its shortcomings, we began to think about how to change, we give it 800HZ ~ 3200HZ double frequency band, so that the middle and high frequency bands play to the astounding Not everyone can do it.


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