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        Water Soluble Acid & Base Tester

        price: Negotiable
        Total supply:
        Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers deliver within days
        seat: Beijing
        Validity to: Long-term effective
        Last update: 2017-10-13 11:10
        Browse the number: 198
        Company Profile
        Product details
        Scope of application
        It is applies to determine the water soluble acid & alkali in the liquid petroleum products, additives, lubricant greases, paraffin and waxy components as per GB/T259.
        what its operation steps is to extracts the water soluble acid & alkali in the sample using distilled water or ethanol solution. Then check color change of extracted solvent by methyl orange or phenolphthalein indicator respectively or determine the pH value of extracted solvent by acidity meter to ascertain whether there exists the soluble acid and alkali in the extracted solvent.

        Function characteristics
        1, instrument consists of two parts, simple structure, in full compliance with GB / T 259 standards required.
        2, independently controlled heating furnace, heating power continuously adjustable heat control is extremely convenient.
        3, heating furnace using woven glass heating plate, with high heating efficiency, low energy consumption, no open flame characteristics.
        4, easy to operate, accurate results.

        Technical parameters
        1 Power supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz.
        2 Heating power: 100W ~ 1000W continuously adjustable.
        3, pH meter: Range 0 ~ 14.00pH, Precision ± 0.01pH.
        4, Separatory funnel: 250ml.
        5,Graduated flask: 100 ml, 50 ml.
        6, Test tube: BS18 mm × 100 mm.
        7,Cone flask: 100 ml.
        8, Ambient temperature: -10°C ~ +35°C.
        9, Relative humidity: 85%.
        10, Power: less than 1200W.
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